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Obtaining a Web Account

Accounts can be obtained by contacting the UITS Help Center. See the Contact page for further information.

Web site accounts are available for Unversity departments, centers and organizations. Every web site has a single contact person associated with it. This person should be a faculty or staff at the University and is ultimately responsible for the upkeep and content of the web site.

In addition to the contact person, a web site can have one or more webmasters. Webmasters are those who actually manage the web site; that is, those who post and edit the web content. Webmasters are expected to be UConn affiliates (faculty, staff or students) who have valid netids. Only the Web Development Lab can add or remove webmaster netids from the site. The webmaster netid must be registered with the site before the webmaster can use WebDav.

At the discretion of the Web Development Lab, people without netids can obtain webmaster privileges; this is to allow consultants under the supervision of the contact person to work on web sites.